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By Anonymous
Is there any point to meeting the stat requirements of a shield if you're not attacking with it? The stat penalty only applies to its attack damage.
By Anonymous
It affects how effectively you can block. For example, using the fingerprint shield with 10 strength, even at +25, will make you take so much stamina damage from attacks while blocking that even a buckler will block more effectively despite having less guard.

Though, it will still block all the damage it is otherwise meant to.
By Anonymous
if you dont the guard boost will be 1. Every hit blocked takes all your stamina.
By Anonymous
if you dont the guard boost will be 1. Every hit blocked takes all your stamina.
By Anonymous
I've read the page about the hardness tiers for how different weapons and shields will act if they come into contact with each other and I thought I had a basic understanding of it but now I'm not so sure. I only ever use a brass shield +16 with barricade shield AoW on it and I've never felt like that combo wasn't giving me enough protection. I've used it on some hard hitting enemies and I only take a small stamina hit even from blocking heavy attacks. But I hit Malenia's difficulty hard for the first time yesterday and there's no denying she is a cheap OP 1st class c**t of the highest order. I don't see any enjoyment or fun from banging my head against a wall dying over and over trying to beat her. So I started trying the finger print shield, I haven't upgraded it because I never thought I'd use it because of the massive weight penalty that goes with it.

The finger print shield is how I knew I needed clarification from someone who knows more than I do. I made the troll outside the secluded cell all aggro with me then I used the brass shield to block it's attacks while casting barricade shield between hits and even blocking heavy attacks from that troll the stamina hit from each attack wasn't much at all. I tried the same with the finger print shield but the stamina loss from blocking the trolls attacks with that shield was considerably higher.
Can anyone explain what's going on here? I'm assuming the finger print shield is in the top hardness tier and can make weapons bounce off, preventing combos and making the attacker flinch. But the brass shield with barricade shield cast on it has a higher guard boost so drains less stamina from each blocked attack, is that correct?
I don't want to use the resources to upgrade the finger print shield knowing I'd only be doing it for one boss fight. But how high does FPS's guard boost get if it is fully upgraded?
By Anonymous
Shields guard boost increases with level which goes for both brass and fingerprint. Barricade shield effectively makes any shield the equivalent of a maxed greatshield and can cause weapon bouncing. The benifit to the fingerprint shield beyond its absurd damage and madness build up is that as it levels it reaches one of the highest guard boosts possible and if used properly it can completely negate stamina loss while blocking without barricade shield. Barricade shield is carrying the brass shield as without it a single troll attack would completely break your guard depending on your stamina investment. If you want to crouch poke and hide behind a shield all day with no issue, a maxed out fingerprint or visage is the ideal. If you're trying to go lighter weight and just block as needed then the brass with barricade is one of the best. You can also add the greatshield talisman for higher gaurd boost as well without barricade shield.
By Anonymous
Finger print shield guard boost goes to 90, and if you use the shield boost talisman it would be 99 or 100 I'm not sure
By Anonymous
no logarius wheel? wtf fromsoft..
By Anonymous
Kill Lhutel the Headless at black knife cata for this shield, easy farm, run past him and open doors, hit grace in cata, will always spawn facing away from you and doesnt move until attacked, backstab and guard counter him to death.
By CommonCents
That's not Lhutel, that's just some Mausoleum Knight. Lhutel is a Spirit Ash that you can summon.
By Anonymous
Does anybody here want the shield from a Shielded Silver Tear? I think I this would be a great medium shield or possibly great shield?
By Anonymous
>unironically using a shield

Lol what is this? DS1?
By Anonymous
*laughs in barricade shield*
By Anonymous
These shields all suck, I want my Kusabimaru back.
By Anonymous
Incredibly disappointed there's no equivalent to Orma and Reeves or the Twin Door Shield. That's something that I've noticed a lot of in the game. There were a lot of cool ideas that should've been expanded on in the previous games, but were just outright removed in this game. Pretty sad if you ask me.
By Anonymous
Why, oh why, can't we get the giant disk that the Fire Giant uses as an offensive greatshield with slams and swipes instead of just bashes?
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By SpydersByte
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because itd be waayyyy too big for you to lift..... >.>
By Anonymous
Did you expect to have the Fire Giant's disc shrink down for you to use? Sorry, but that's not how this works.
By Anonymous
To reply number 2: Yes, that is absolutely how it works; the sacred relic sword and maliketh’s black blade are both larger than you when used by their respective bosses, but are still shrunken down and canonically the same weapons when you use them.
By Anonymous
fire giant greatshield should let you do his silly turtle roll
By Anonymous
why shield with under 100% physical damage negation (95% of spiked greatshield for example) sometimes can block all physical attacks from enemies? does that hit have to be low on power or something?
By Anonymous
its likely that the damage the enemies deal to you is multiplied to a value lower than the subtractive part of the resistances from your armor so basically if the shield can get the tick of damage to under about 100-150 damage it will also do nothing
By Anonymous
I believe that 5% of damage that goes through, still gets reduced by your defenses. Really no downside of a 95% shield.
By Anonymous
Say you block a hit that does 400 damage with a 95% block shield, that attack does 20 damage before defenses and damage mitigation. Say you have 40% physical negation, that removes 8 damage taking the 20 to 12. Then defense calculation kicks in. Say you have 150 physical defense, because of defense calculations greatly reducing damage if DEF >8x ATK, your HP would only take 10%, resulting in you only taking 1.2 damage to your HP. I'm not 100% on the math, I might have mis-ordered some of the calculation, but this is the general gist as to why you might not notice chip with a 95% block shield.
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