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By Anonymous
It is amazing thank you so much
By Anonymous
i just love getting one shot carted 3 times in a row
By Anonymous
I bet the people you play with don't, go upgrade your armor smh
By Anonymous
You shouldn't be getting one shot,i can comfortably survive 3 hits from most of her attacks
By Chaosmaker
It's not a hard fight, it's not that much different from the original fight, some of the moves have changed, but the same general approach applies. The only thing you gotta watch out for is when she does the big attack with dragonator pillars that lasts a huge amount of time, you can knock her out of it if you do enough damage, or if you're just unsure of what do to, and don't want to take any chances on carting to the attack, you can just farcaster back to camp and literally skip the entire attack animation....so there's your "cope your way out" strategy. Also, she can be KO'd, so sticky ammo works really good here. Rajang sticky HBG absolutely deletes her (but let's be honest, it deletes anything), and stuff like Mango sticky/slicing LBG works really good too, and especially bow.

I play with people on discord, and if we're farming allmother, or narwa, and you don't bring a gun or a bow, you're asked nicely to leave. Some people think farming is simply doing the same hunt over and over again, nope, putting something on farm status means you've turned it into a loot pinata that gets destroyed repeatedly, and efficiently. Carrying peeps isn't farming. And considering MH Rise actually has 3 player multiplayer scaling, unlike World where you got 4 player scaling with 3 players, I don't feel like bringing melee players into a multiplayer farming run on a fight that's clearly a gunner's fight.
By Anonymous
But playing guns of fcking boring. You gotta farm on your own then with your call of duty friends...
The game is easy enough with all the areal stuff. Why would you play ranged?!?
By Anonymous
There it is, weapon elitism. I bet you are the same type of HBG user who kicks prowler players in GU. Just because you want to turn off your brain and pew pew the yellow shrimp doesnt mean everyone else enjoy it. What a cnt.
By Anonymous
I hope this comment was enough to get you banned from the wiki.
By Anonymous
worst fight in the game, a mix of boring and hard. At least XenoJiiva is a snoozefest but this fight is just hard enough to keep you awake and suffer
By Anonymous
Play with other players
By Anonymous
Not a particularly difficult elder dragon. As always, the real difficulty comes from having under-prepared randos who seem hellbent on getting carted in strange and remarkable ways. Thus, going solo or with trusted friends is the way to go. Load up on lightning and dragon defense. The Rhopessa set has solid amounts of both, PLUS max Dragon attack: it was basically designed to murder every form of Narwa.

When Narwa throws up the spinning pillars while charging her bomb, either wirebug to the center immediately if you're close, or hop on your pupper and run to the edges until you see an opening to run in (palamutes are immune to the vaccum effect). Once in the center, it's time to do major damage and possible score a knockdown. Now, if you fail to knock her down during her charge, immediately jump on a ballista/machine cannon platform; tha'll keep you safe from her arena AOE. In fact, rule of thumb: if you're EVER in the vicinity of a siege platform, get your butt on it; it'll always be safer there.

Aside from that, the other rule of thumb (which is basically MonHun 101 but people STILL don't do this): if you get knocked down, STAY DOWN. Do not mash to stand up. Do not wirebug blindly. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 points of damage. You're INVINCIBLE for a long time during most hard knockdowns, so you can take your time to assess the situation and get up when it's safe. Frantically jumping to your feet or wirebugging on reflex will usually just get you juggled clear back to camp.
By Anonymous
That second rule of thumb is true for all monsters EXCEPT during grabs
By Anonymous
The last sentence,i carted 2 times because tried wirebugging instead using the iframes of the downed animation during her double hit lighting ball combo
By Anonymous
I ****ing swear the bite attack where she carved up the ground is absolute *******, and second is the electric handslam.
By Anonymous
She's a quick and easy fight once you understand her attacks. Practically built for longsword, you can counter everything she sends at you excluding two attacks (not including the teardrop attack with the dragonators).
She also gives a ton of zenny (29,000 minimum per hunt, without extra dragon treasures or carts), and about 1800 hr exp. Sub 10 minute hunts is the target for efficient farming as far as I'm concerned, but there are probably better monsters to farm for hr999.
By Anonymous
Not even mentioning the amount of materials she drops, both in terms of melding or selling for extra cash.
By Anonymous
She was the first monster that made me fail a quest