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By Anonymous
Valstrax is immune to all element when charged. Don't bother taking any elemental weapons. No, it's not just the dragonblight, it's its charge that made it immune.
By Anonymous
The MR beam attack is so dogshit annoying to evade in multiplayer. The new "snap" beam where he flicks down the wings to snipe off his target one more time will have its aim re-adjusted if the target repositions from the first beam, and that creates unpredictable moments where other players get ****ed out of nowhere by the 2nd beam simply because the aggro'd hunter just ran to the front of their direction.
By Anonymous
FYI Valstrax takes 0 Elemental damage while enraged
By Anonymous
The design of this fight is so wired. He just does nothing for an eternity then throws out a super fast attack and continues to just do nothing afterwards. Either make the monster fast like furious rajang or slow like gaismagorm but don't try to mix both together, it just ends up in the unnatural feeling of this fight.
By Anonymous
Trying to figure out how to kill the Valtrax. the main problem is when he fly's out of the screen and then he ambushes you. You can't shield so what do you do?
By Anonymous
Look for the red comet in the sky and when he starts aiming for you divebomb.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Just dive before he hits you
By Anonymous
No Wyvern Ignition
By Anonymous
Asas batendo, marcha de decolagem, turbinas e já!
By Anonymous
Pensei que fui o único que pensei nisso quando enfrentei ele kkkkkkkkkkk
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By Anonymous
Huh. 'Attacks: TBD'.
Just more proof fextralife stops updating wikis once they stop being new enough to drag people into their garbage twitch viewership.
I mean, Crimson Glow Valstrax has only been in the game how how long?

Lazy garbage wiki that muscled out REAL wikis where people try to post all information.
By Anonymous
Oh, and Fun fact; UBlock Origin can remove their twitch auto-player without fextralife being able to extort you for 'ViP sTaTuS!'
By Anonymous
huge missed opportunity to play the generations quest clear theme when you kill him >:(