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I was going to chill with my skelly dudes in the catacombs, after a clean Legion kill (first try, really proud)/
But as I rekt the first skelly boy before the bridge,n I get a cutscene... Wieeeerd, i've never heard of a cutscene in the catacombs.
It was the intro cinematic, with the ringing bell and your dude waking up.
Had all myu stuff, no tp availble and a +1 ring next to the lizard which had respawned.DUDE !!! THAT'S NEW GAME + !!!

Just wanted to have fun with a pyro build I just rushed and... this ? I got to have a new game plus without finishing the game in the latest build...

Had this kind of **** ever happened to one of you and... There's no turning back isn't it? I'm stuck in a NG+ with a low level unfinished build isn't it ?