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Spellblade Fighter Guide for Solasta Crown of the Magister. Spellblades use a mix of magic and weapons in combat.



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I like this build. Mine is Snow Dwarf +2 Con, +1 Dex, and Darkvision a major plus even though they toned the penalty down a bit. If you dump other stats and simi-dump Str, and Int, then you attune to a Giant Belt, and a Helmet of Intellect. Snow Dwarf becomes an incredibly viable build that should not be overlooked. You can easily be sitting at something like 25+ Str, 16+ Dex, 18+ Con, 19 Int, 9 Wis, and 8 Cha. You could obtain 25+ Str, 16+ Dex, 18+ Con, 19 Int, 14 Wis, and 10 Cha. (If you dump Str and Int but the play through will be much harder at low levels.) Then, just dump all your feats into other stuff. Also, Great Weapon Fighting as a Fighting Style. I took ability Score improvement, Lock Breaker(Because my Fighter is my Thief), and Follow Up Strike which allows a bonus action attack with a Two-Hand Weapon(Allows 3 attack per round, although Expeditious Retreat will sometimes take ups some of those bonus attacks. 5 possible attacks with action surge. 4d6 and a 1d4 Reroll the 1s and 2s. However, the Great Axe of Sharpness may be the best Two-Hander in the game and it would only be 2d12 reroll 1d4 reroll the 1s and 2s. Hopefully, this will change.)
Correction I think the Snow Dwarf will get 25+ Str, 16+ Dex, 18+ Con, 19 Int, 13 Wis, and 11 Cha when you dump everything even Str and Int. Minor but still matters. And I think having a 8 or 9 Str early game is very hard. I don't do it, but you could. I dump Cha because my fighter is my Thief he need perception to detect traps.