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By Anonymous
"compared to 3.5"

D&D has just as many races and variants as Pathfinder. Go learn something so you actually know about it.
By Anonymous
Lmfao! It really doesnt your a DnD simp...it has nowhere near as many races as pathfinders. Are you high?
By Anonymous
One of the things I appreciate about modern CRPGs is the more varied selection of races. I know that there's tons more in the pen & paper version, but of course there are. In the P&P version it's a matter of simply *writing* them into existence. Not coding them into an engine. Making multiple unique bodies & texture sets for them. One of Neverwinter Nights' biggest weaknesses, as legendary as it is, is the sad lack of any REAL variety in the races. You can play humans, lanky humans, half-lanky humans, short humans, shorter humans, REALLY short humans and half-orcs. And all but the last are just the same set of models warped into proportion.
By Anonymous
At least someone out there gets it. If things were as simple as wishing something into existence we'd all have everything we desire and all would be right with the world. There are a ton of races and variants in both D&D and Pathfinder but many only know those represented in the Video Games. Selections had to be made since trying to make all of them would have been ludicrous or at minimum taking a lot longer span of time than most if not all games that are made.
By Anonymous
Correct DnD is pretty mid and unimaginitive.
By Anonymous
OMG! So many babies. Build a game yourselves if you don't like it. Or don't buy it. But for the love of God stop crying. It's a game. There are more important things to worry about. Like moving out of your parents' house. Erasing your search history. Losing your virginity. Or getting a job. I know one of these applies to every crier on here.
By Anonymous
holy crap, what a fanboy
can't stand it when people don't constantly praise their favorite game