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By Anonymous
You're rewarded SLUG underground rep for cleaning the pool. As you might know there's a "hidden" rep for Spacer's Choice that you can get from helping out Spacer's choice on Gorgon. This is however not the rep you will get for crashing the pool. It's the normal Spacer's Choice rep you get in Edgewater. "Hidden" rep gains might have made the choice interesting but unless we get one Edgewater rep and one Spacer's Choice rep seperatly in some patch AND change the rep gain accordingly, the choice to clean the pool is obvious.
By Anonymous
You can also choose to sabotage the saboteur -- accept Donovan's contract to put acid in the pool, but then clean the pool instead -- you'll receive the SLUG Storeroom Key from Dolph (the pool guard), and can then return to Donovan and intimidate him for the same number of bits as he would have paid had you gone through with the original sabotage.
Does anybody know the intimidation required? At 70 the option didn't even show up.
By Anonymous
There's a Knockout court (think Tennis court) to the right of the pool. SAM has special dialog when near the court.