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By Anonymous
rise really buffed SA. Overhead slam, the spinning morph to sword combo, all of those moves that required 3 wild swing strikes during monster hunter world, they work now only need 1. Wild swing always had trash dps, it still does, with sword combos doing like 50% more dps. Its so good to have only 1 wild swing in your way. I feel like they nerfed the axe to sword combo in terms of power, but thats ok. So many other buffs came in.

They also gave the morphing combo, hyper armor unless the attack is too big. You can poise through a casual claw or bite by morphing, it works if axe to sword or sword to axe. It brings a new level to switch axe, poise vs mobility. Theres also that new invincible gambit skill, even heavy moves that send you flying can be poised through... its too good. I wonder if they increased the iframes of side step? Its dodging more now I feel, even w no skills to buff its iframes. Im not sure about the last one.

more tips for newer users: Sword mode doesnt bounce to hard monster body parts. Swordmode also does massive dps because of the attack speed, easily trumps axe. But you still need axe because sword mode doesnt last forever, and its overhead slam buff helps maximize swordmode. Plus switching back to poise through attacks is good. Sword mode seems stiff/hard to move, but thats because its supposed to dps a certain area and wreck it. You can side step-roll then cut to move around, or switch to axe mobility if thats still too stiff, then go back to sword for the dps.
By Anonymous
The wild swing spinning switch combo got nerfed in ice and stayed nerfed in rise. You should never ever use wild swing at all, ever. Also never combo sword hits in rise, the dps isn't worth it.

2 out of every 3 attack you should be doing will be morph skills.

Again, never mash sword, this is bad bad advice. Your highest dps combo is is (from axe mode) sword morph slash -> double sword slash -> axe morph slash -> repeat. The old MHW sword combo of x+x+x+a+repeat is dead and should not be used. The new combo is near infinite in it's sword mode charge and it has the highest dps due to the buffed morph speed and damage. The only time you will ever do anything different might be if you use the axe overhead lunch to get into range, then it is right into the morph combo.
By Anonymous
Nah, wild swing to heavy strike still has a buff, its not to be spammed but having that buff makes a difference. Ill have to try that out. I know you begin with some sword circle spam to charge fast, then go for whatever dps combo. I'll have to check, but I have doubts. Rapid morph is a thing, so wild swing switch is buffed a lot in rise(20% more dps). Unless thats not a morph combo anymore since you have to press an extra r2 to actually morph now... maybe thats it...With the new skills, like counters and the air dive whatever, im starting to think that wire bug spam is the real way now. Thanks for the advice though, with rapidmorph and axe mode receiving buffs, I do see how that can beat pure sword, its mostly sword anyway. Will compare and see. I was thinking rapid morph was helping wild swing into sword combos the most. At least that had nice stagger and forward movement.

I agree with the new overhead, makes that silly poke trash. Great mobility.