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By Anonymous
What skills apply to switchaxe? For example does bombardier increase elemental discarge damage?
By Anonymous
that is an item only skill. Some unique skills that help out switch axe( besides usual crit, attack, exploit...etc) are

enhancer jewels or power prolonger = amped state lasts longer, this helps dps
charger jewel or focus is nice, you charge easily and can get to amped faster
there is also rapid morph, which helps morph attacks( playstyle should use lots of morph attacks)
By Anonymous
Rapid Morph >>> Weakness Exploit = Chain Crit > Crit Boost > Crit eye > Crit element > specific element is king for dps.

Evade Extender is super useful for gap close/dodging.
By Anonymous
What is the effect "Maximum Potency" after a Heavy Slam using axe mode ?
I'm not sure but does it make easier to reach the "Amped State" in sword mode ?
By Anonymous
that is exactly what it does, fewer strikes to get the damage boost from amped state. Sword strikes charge the bar more. The bar will change color and some arrows will appear to indicate that the buff is active. You dont have to hit anything, just perform heavy slam to get the buff. You will have to repeat heavy slam to trigger it again since it wears off after a while.
By Anonymous
Probably not actually worth it to use in the middle of a fight, the full combo is so long you are unlikely to hit with most of it and it has some heavy animation lock.
By Anonymous
One thing I don't understand is how do you activate that ride monster elemental discharge thingy? Do you have to be moving a specific direction? do you have to not be moving a direction? do you have to be amped? do you have to press "A"?
By Anonymous
you need to be amped and then initiate in sword mode with X+A
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By ArchytheMouse
To add to the comment above, you must initiate a elemental discharge with your amp full and your gauge above the indicator. When you start the elemental discharge if the last tick of elemental discharge hits a monster it will attach itself to the part that was closest to where you hit. If you were to discharge and hit the tail it would attach there, same if you hit near the head. Some parts you can't attach to so it just goes to the nearest attachable. You must have be amped and the last tick of elemental discharge (there are a total of 3) must hit the monster, when attaching if you spam the attack button you will do more ticks of damage during the finisher. Tilting back will make the finisher end early (say you are about to be put into a bad position by doing the full discharge).
By Anonymous
Just some tips for new or aspiring SA users:
-Be aggressive with sword mode. Reaching your amped state is key to maximizing damage output for both modes, plus the sword doesn't recoil on hard monster parts. Keep in mind that the phial's effect will only benefit the axe form when amped. Pulling off a heavy slam will let you build up amp faster for a bit, just be careful when committing to that long attack (the last slam attack doesn't have to connect to prime the blade.)
-Keep your charge up (the sword form's ammo). A poorly timed manual reload makes you vulnerable. Switch Charger is ideal for keeping the sword ready for use and helps with repositioning. The blade recharges gradually in axe mode as well.
-Stay mobile. SA is no SnS or DB, but morph slashes can help you close short distances and can be performed after most any attack. Fading slash can help you get a short distance away from monsters while getting some damage in (performed with a backwards input + mouse button 2 for axe form, backwards input + mouse button 5 for sword form.) Be aware of hard monster parts, though, as the sword fading slash switches you to axe form, which may bounce off if you're sharpness is low.
-Use Elemental Discharge carefully. A fully channeled attack does good damage, but leaves you vulnerable. Ideal for when the monster is toppled or staggered. Zero Sum Discharge (Elemental Discharge in amped state) does even more damage and stunning power while latching you onto the monster, but leaves you vulnerable to attacks made by the beast, especially from the part you are attached to. This can be lethal on some parts, especially the head of monsters with breath attacks, as the hit won't knock you off and leaves you open to other attacks. If it looks like it'll get dicey, press back on the controller while mashing the attack to detonate early. Also note that you can interrupt the recovery animation from a full ZSD with a dodge once you stop sliding on the ground. An early detonation has a much shorter recovery time as well.
-Work the axe's reach. You can easily alternate between a rising and overhead attack, which can help reach high tails, wings, and heads. Fading slash in axe form also has nice overhead range.
-Have fun!
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By ArchytheMouse
Also to add to this comment, for those who may be having a hard time charging or maintaining your sword bar, the 2-Staged morph combo is very good.
After using a wild swing you just morph up to 2 times. Both morphs (Axe->Sword then Sword-> Axe) charge the amp and fill the sword gauge but the second morph massively fills the amp. On top of that, you also get a lot of sword gauge. Using Morph combos is the key to upholding your overall gauge and amp. Elemental Discharge is really good for damage but compressed discharge is a much safer alternative as it puts you in a knockback resistance stance and has decent stunning too, you can use these interchangably. I play the Switch Axe in a way of a relentless pain train, using things like fade swing and morphing to manuever while constantly keeping on top of dealing damage and managing my bar.
By Anonymous
Super helpful, thanks! You should put these higher up on the SA page, they're so great! TY!
By Anonymous
does the axe break parts more easily like in world?
By Anonymous
how to morph using a mouse that dosent have any extra buttons?