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By Anonymous
**** this guy - he dies before his head breaks
By Anonymous
Barroth look so foolish when they roll in the mud XD
By Anonymous
I normally don't have too much trouble severing the tail of a monster, but with Barroth in particular, I struggle a lot, to the point where I haven't actually obtained a Barroth Tail yet. Anyone have any advice?
By Anonymous
Lance is usually my go-to for Barroth, I find it's great at cutting its tail (same with Rathian/Rathalos).
By Anonymous
Yeah, Gunlance works pretty well too for cutting the tail. What you do is wait for him to charge you, block the charge, and when he runs past you, you can stab the tail.
By Anonymous
Just started playing rise recently. Super not a fan of how he immediately sprints to put his armor back on seconds after you deal with it. Had my 3rd hunt today killing him with no breaks....