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How do unlock the fight with rakna kadaki?
Comes naturally through Hub quests after completing the 5 (6*) targets
It's the HR6 Urgent Quest. Keep doing HR6 Key Quests and she'll show up.
Thoughts on it’s striking resemblance to Nerscylla?
In my opinion it sorta seems like a male version of Nerscylla but it’s just some aimless speculation.
The reason why it looks like Nerscylla is because they are both Temnocerans, Kind of like how Jryatodus and Lavasioth look alike because they are Piscene wyverns


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So... What's with the dropped materials totaling 200%
That because each item has each own individual chance to appear.


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The 200% total is representative of the fact that there are 2 different loot pools. For most monsters, there are two ways you can get them to drop the shiny pick-ups. You can either make them stagger, or you can use the Wyvern Ride mechanic on them.

The thing is, these different sources of shiny dropped materials have different loot pools associated with them. So you're chance of getting a certain dropped material might be higher if you get it by staggering the monster versus if you use Wyvern Riding on it.

Anyway, the drop rates for each loot pool add up to 100%, but for some reason the game combines all the loot pools for dropped materials. So instead of adding up to 100%, the drop rates add up to 200% because they come from a total of two different loot pools.

This is also why some dropped materials have two different drop rates. One drop rate is for the first loot pool you get for staggering a monster, and the second drop rate is for the second loot pool you get when you ride a monster.