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By Anonymous
where ingame can we see the relic fragments? i know i have some but its not listed in my wallet or anywhere i look
By Anonymous
Where can I see my chromatic mana in the game? Thanks!
By Anonymous
You can check your chromatic mana in the wallet, but for some currencies you have to check elsewhere :

World enchantements : as there is no inventory in prophetic quill for that, you have to check on the mission screen, select difficulty (expert or master) and you can see what you have.
Mana rig (event) signets : you have to go to guide => event to check it
Relic fragments : nothing simple here, you have to go to setup menu and check artefact upgrade, also you can only see the stock for relic fragment needed (not all)... (Mythic relic fragments seem capped to 100 whereas other is 1000).