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By Anonymous
Goss Harag Bile refuses to drop.
Where does it come from?
I break both of his forelegs, his face, I capture him. Done this 7 times now. No Bile.
By Anonymous
By TruSasquatch
It is a really low drop chance item, your best bet it to break his back then capture him.
By Anonymous
Ok, tell me I am not the only one who thinks this thing looks like a Oni? I mean look at it's face!
By Anonymous
It's based on namahage.
By Anonymous
All new large monster in Rise does have some insperation from Japanese mythology
By Anonymous
Yeah almost like.. The monsters are japanese inspired.. Who would've though
By Anonymous
It absolutely does...
By Anonymous
Fun fight with SA but damn he is tanky compared to other monsters
By Anonymous
How much hp do you want?
Afflicted goss: yes