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By Anonymous
Unless it's on another page, Sunbreak added 42 more trophies. So this page may need updating.
By Anonymous
I have every Dango, but I did not receive the award and have no more dialogue or quests...
By Anonymous
There are some Village quests and also side quests/delivery requests that are easy to miss
By Anonymous
Did you deliver the Reno egg?
By Anonymous
I'm the exact same, I've looked it over and see noting I'm missing, no clue why
By Anonymous
For ''Aspiring Hunter Certificate'' you DON'T need to do all village and hub low rank quests, I got this achievement from ONLY completing all of HUB low rank.
By Anonymous
No.23 & 25, I got all the photos and put them in the note, why I still can't get the achievements? I got 51 photos in total, am I missing something? Or is it a bug?
By Anonymous
it happened to me too there may be some issue with one or some of your photo, firstly try to retake the photo of the squids (they were the ones that cause problem for me)
By Anonymous
No. 47: Sturdy Padlock
Awarded for collecting many decorations and hanging scrolls. Remember to lock up!
By Anonymous
whtat do you mean with decorations?
By Anonymous
The trinkets. The monster figures and the ones you can get from lotteries
By Anonymous
No. 47: Collect all trinkets and hanging scrolls.

No. 48: Collect all smallest gold crowns from Large Monster missions.

No. 49: Collect all biggest gold crowns from Large Monster missions.

No. 50: Win all rewards in Guild Card.
By Anonymous
Don't know the name in English, sorry, but:

No. 45 is completing an advance quest with 3 Apex Monsters, unlocked after defeating Apex Zinogre for the first time at Rampage

No. 46 is completing all the quests at village and meeting room including the ones added with 3.0 update
By kaizen400
I posted the English. We must of finished at the same time lol
By Anonymous
No.45. After defeating Apex Zinogre is slightly wrong. You have to encounter/slay him, Apex Rathalos and Apex Mizutsune. After that you also need to complete all advanced Quest. Before you can do the Quest with all three Apex now you have to complete a Quest with a Rathalos, Diablos and a Magnamalo.
Then you can do the Quest. I had to do it like that.
By Anonymous
No. 46. As far as I know is that you only have to complete all HR Quests and they are only in the gathering hub. So I guess you only have to complete everything in the gathering hub not in the village.
But I don’t know it for sure. Correct me if I’m wrong.
By Anonymous
Could you tell me how the sand mission 06 is unlocked since I already hunted the Bazelgeuse several times but its sand does not come out