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The new endgame monsters are amazing. I really love the big Elder Dragon boss fight
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Which one?
Is Apex Mizutsune missing? I’ve seen it in game
I think it's found around 5-6 star rampages.
if jaggi and jaggia are added then WHY THE HELL IS GRET JAGGI NOT ADDED
Same with there being Uroktors in the volcano region, but no Agnaktor.
I've got a feeling that they could add them later on.
It would be awesome if there was an overall chart by weakness/strength of large monsters. So like Weakness 3 star of the different elements and their main element if any. That way you don't have to click between each monster to view. Loving the faq so far. Keep up the great info!


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Wanted to add new large monsters from update 2.0 but don't know how to access the quick links names and such to make the edit to make it easy for another person to edit the page and do the graphing and such. (I tried, and don't want to mess up the layout on accident)
It's a shame that Nergigante is not in monster hunter rise.
We don't know the full line-up for the base game until at least a year in. . .
capcom como você não colocou o tetsucabra se o filhote dele está no jogo coloca ele a e as subespécies do monster hunter world iceborme.