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By Anonymous
Dimir Assassin
By Anonymous
I wanna be the black one
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By JMS_Druid
Can we unlock all classes through gameplay or just one extra classes of the basics?
By Anonymous
you can unlock all classes through the thing in your realm. the first requires 50000 gold and 2000 of each planar mana the second is 150000 gold and 5000 planar and so on.
By Anonymous
Damn, it gets really expensive! o.O
By Anonymous
Now where I'm Two Mana Planeswalkers?
By Anonymous
You can become two mana once you complete the Zendrick storyline, aka the tutorial. Just throw a second color into your deck and your mana pool will adapt.

If you instead meant two mana classes, we currently have the Dimir that will be added to the battlepass as a Rank 50 reward after the weekly maintenance (knock on wood) and more will be added as time goes on.

It's three mana decks / classes that are currently just on some theoretical drawing board somewhere.
By Anonymous
If I can't be a goblin that summons goblins to throw goblins at things that may or may not be goblins I'll be severely disappointed.
By Anonymous
You can't be a goblin itself... yet. Give them time, and they'll make cash shop skins for the tailor for ALL the popular subtypes of planeswalkers. Biggest handicap is that they'll likely have limited tailor options compared to humans / near-humans.
By Anonymous
Huh...I would think the Geomancer would be Red/Green combo, similar to how the Dimir Assassin is a Blue/Black combo, since a lot of it's mechanics are based around summoning creatures...