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By Anonymous
Probably the worst enemies in the game, specially in NG+ where they can insta kill you with the flush attack
By Anonymous
I’m on ng+ and that charge attack shreds my health even though I’m guarding.
By Anonymous
I've been killed so many times in soul form with cling ring by the rush attack they do, it is not negligible damage.
By Anonymous
these guys are brutal on NG+
By Anonymous
This game is brutal in NG+. I don’t remember the step up being so steep in Demon Souls PS3. Get a bow and be patient, it’s my best advice.
By Anonymous
Esses inimigos dão trabalho no NG+, quase nem adianta usar a espada longa do dragão.
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By Rads
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Ah, yes. Alf cameo.
By Anonymous
The rush attack does NEGLIGIBLE DAMAGE?

BULL****. I've been Full to 0 health killed in soul form so many times by this while wearing the cling ring.
By Anonymous
Shamans will also drop: Preservation Grains (rare)
By Anonymous
"Negligible damage" lmao. These guys will 1 shot a high-vitality, full heavy armor character THROUGH THEIR SHIELD. Yes, it pierces through your block and EVEN YOUR SECOND CHANCE HEALTH. No way enemies this pathetic and weak should do so much damage. NG+ "difficulty" should not mean "Your armor and shield are useless and all you can do is dodge", when the level design makes it quite impossible to dodge anywhere.
By Anonymous
They sound like Tom Kenny gargling when they die