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By Anonymous
As in it caps at 4250, or it'll stop returning damage once it reaches 4250?
Seems like a stupid question, but most people don't survive a sudden hit resulting in 42K+ damage to begin with.
So, yeah, anyone test this?
By Anonymous
No, just each blocked hit can throw back a maximum dmg of 4250 against the attacker.
By Anonymous
"Recommend For: Tank"?
Should be changed to Recommend For: NO ONE.
As it is, it's garbage in PvP and PvE;
- PvE because of the disparity between health bars. Average tank? 50K health. Average dungeon mob? 50K-400K. Average boss ~6Mill health. Any boss/mob attack attack with high enough base damage to make 10% reflection meaningful, will delete any tank from existence... and even if it didn't, the hard cap makes that useless anyway.
- PvP it likely quadruple dips in Battle Spirit and damage reduction - Lets assume 5,000 damage tooltip. That's 2500 after Battle Spirit and Probably about 1600 after average mitigation (~33%). Now the damage is "returned" to the attacker... 10% would be 160 damage. Already that's absolutely absurdly low even before calculating Battle spirit and mitigation again which would get you likely somewhere in the realm of 50 damage. From a 5,000 damage tooltip attack.

5,000 damage tooltip. ~50-160 damage returned. Are you kidding me?

This set needs to either return a significantly higher percentage of damage taken, or it needs to return a small percentage of damage taken before mitigation. Until then, it will be one of the worst sets in the entire game.
By Anonymous
This set *could* be useful if :

- Other sets could trigger from its returned damage
AND (absolutely not "OR")
- Damage on damage shields would count as damage taken