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By Anonymous
You need 27 street cred for this item.
By Anonymous
Why is it I purchased it, can see it as "Owned" in my inventory at any ripperdoc, but cant switch to it with 46 Street Cred? Another bug??? I don't understand. Apparently I have a lot of stuff (cyberware I need more attribute points to use, vinyl records, etc.) that just disappear from my inventory. Even when I go to "Backpack" and then "All Items" I can't find this stuff. Very confusing...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
For the vinyl records and such, they are in the junk tab.
By Anonymous
you want to equip a vinyl record as a cyberdeck??
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By ReverendBishop
Sounds like it's getting classified as junk for some reason. Sell and rebuy, hope for the best. If you have auto-dissasemble junk, that would definitely be an issue to exacerbate the problem, unlearn that. Still a lot of really weird bugs, good luck
By Anonymous
Fast ram recovery means you can spam quick hacks. 5 slots. So you can get aggressive with this. Biggest RAM and Buffer until you go to legendary. Downside is it does not offer any protections against other net runners (eg extending how long it takes to hack you)