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By Anonymous
From what I've seen the dragon and rider of the Githyanki patrol don't die, they just disappear, no matter what you do. Possibly it's tied to the cut scene where he flies away after ordering his squad to kill laezel. May change after full release, who knows.
By XApproaches
The area shown to the southeast of the dragon drawn on the map itself seems inaccessible. I think it may only be there as a place for the dragon to spawn to begin with, as directly north of that is where you find the scratches. I have tried using feather fall to get down there, but the character instantly dies anyway. I think even existing down there results in instant death. Does anyone know if there's a legitimate way to explore that area? If not, then they really shouldn't have it outlined on the map as passable terrain.
By Anonymous
Anyone have any thoughts about the secret room behind the "two thrones" in the basement of the Toll House?
You can see on the map that there is another room, and if you move your cursor beyond the wall you can find the outlines of various crates & items.

Unclear how to access that room, though. Any thoughts would be appreciated. (Haven't killed the fake Paladins/ Zariel servants yet. So maybe that's something to explore ..)
By Anonymous
You just gotta sit on both thrones