By Anonymous
What the actual **** were the devs thinking when they made this boss. He has infinite damage-dealing and buffing magic, an odachi that he can swing faster than any of the double-handed weapons in low stance (or it feels that way at least), more ki than any human anywhere else, he can - and will - deflect things thrown his way, dodges basically anything you throw at him, just... literally has zero chill. The closest I got to defeating him before deciding to wait on him a lil was with two clay bells active the whole fight and endless lightning-buffed low stance spam in his face, because at least the bastard staggers semi-easily. Even then the lightning debuff only lasts for so long and then you have to somehow apply it again.

Just what the actual. ****.
By Anonymous
I beat him once after at least 20 tries.
Now I'm back for more.
By Anonymous
Nioh 2's devs really said "aye let's make the cheapest ****ing boss in the whole game lmaoooo"
By Anonymous
If only he was a bit slower.

I hate fast bosses because they break the rules: there's much faster than big bulky bosses, yet they do the same damage and have the same hp/stamina.

Take Onryoku, the first boss of Nioh!, And make it move 3x times faster. That's it, that's what "little fast bosses" are like nowadays. He should have much less hp and ki OR be much much slower. I dodge 2 odachi slashes, block a third, dodge again, and he will ALWAYS still get me with a fire burst magic.

Like we say in my country: "don't you want a slice of *** too?", That's too much
By Anonymous
My buddy and I are far from being "pro players" but we always did our best to overcome all the difficulties in this game without relying on braindead/cheesy strategies.

However, when we do our usual run through the final layers of the Depths, and T H I S G U Y pops up as a crucible boss... there's just no other way: kitty army + arc of chaos spam. No shame. Don't make him move, attack, dodge, retaliate, anything at all, or he will quickly become a death machine. He was already broken enough in the main game, let alone in the Underworld. His whole design is a mistake.

Same goes for Ancient Nyotengu, but at least she can be hilarious.
By Anonymous
Everything on this page is lies. His openings are too small to take advantage of.
By Anonymous
Use your items, clay bell for x3 scrampuss with core to increase thier time, guardian spirit amulets to spam, and tengu fans. You can pretty much stun lock him
By Anonymous
I had to beat this mf 40 times before feeling satisfied enough about those three losses in a row. But I still couldn't go in blindly flailing like he does, I needed a strategy and that frustrates me even more, that I had to put in effort against somebody that is basically a hacker.
By Anonymous
Just adding to the ocean, but this is genuinely dumb design
By Anonymous
He staggers easily enough, and is weak to lightning... That's about it though. As a boss, to his credit, it really seems like he's actually trying to kill you. Only ever beaten him with cheese or very VERY careful ki management with weapons that both hit hard and deal high Ki damage.