By Anonymous
Is there some kind of skill this dude uses to significantly reduce damage taken for a while and if so, does it last a certain time or require a certain number of hits to remove or something? Had him cast a buff just as I charged at him and it did 0 damage for ages. Bamboozled tf out of me
By Adderflail
When he has 50% or less health he will occasionally jump back while creating a shockwave, then do one of three attacks. One of them is him buffing himself with a Protection Talisman effect and an Attack buff, and he always does this if you back up from him when he jumps back. Which can be good for you if you need to heal or recover, but he still basically heals himself.

Elemental damage ignores Protection talisman, but it's hard to have enough lightning damage for that to matter, plus it also doesn't make the effect go down any faster.
By Anonymous
That explains it, thanks Adder
By Anonymous
I used to be able to beat him,in fact i beat him 4 times, but since the new version it's impossible.
Maybe it's not calibrated for new players...
By Anonymous
You'll never fight a "Human" Boss enemy with more Ki.
By Anonymous
he reflects projectiles, if u use cannon, be ready to oneshot urself
By Anonymous
he has insane stamina and quick attacks
his weapon is a nodachi so it has a longer range than most other weapons
he has infinte spell
he can buff attack with water fire and purity
he has a spell that deflect arrow bullets cannon balls and trowable items and he loves spamming it during the fight(also infine amount of it)
he has a spell that buff its armor to insane levels (attacks will deal little to 0 damage) and he will start using it from half life. another spell that he loves to spam. also infinite supply
he has a ranged charged attack that is extremely fast to charge and he will use it if you stay mid/to far away from he. insane radious and range he can potentially one shot you if you are not full health. dodging is extremely difficult because of the radious and speed of the attack parrying is useless because the damage is still insane. i still havn't manage to understand how to deal with it
attaccking it in yokay form will do very little damage and he will usually displel quickly your power up with a barrage of hits

rarely i have seen such levels of ******* in a single boss
By Anonymous
Way of the Nioh Saito is just broken.
By Anonymous
This cvnt is epitome of horrifically bad design. ****er uses his odachi, faster than Bruce Lee used his fists. Not even mention infinite stamina and mana. I really do not understand what is the point of creating something this stupid? It just kills any desire to continue playing this ****ing game. This is beyond stupidity.
By Anonymous
Glad I"m not the only one who thought WTF when I met this boss.
By Anonymous
Honestly a terribly designed boss but hey magic