By Anonymous
This page has misinformation: the smithing text for Great Kanemitsu is from Restoring Harmony on Dream of the Strong
By Anonymous
And to think that Malenia features a much easier boss fight, compared to this disgusting mf lol
By Anonymous
Dude who wrote the boss guide forgot he came back to a lvl 65 mission with a level 200 character
By Anonymous
reading this comment section just made me feel so much better; this guy is really poorly designed. He is fun to fight until he goes into yokai shift, the phantom mode is just ridiculous, one shots me with 2k HP if I don't block the first hit.
By Anonymous
That's another Saito, your twin. Saito Toshimitsu is the boss from Region 3's online mission.
By Anonymous
I try fighting him "normally" and he'll just dodge out of any combo you do. You're not allowed to do any follow-up attack after he dodges or else he might do an attack that can power-armor through your own. Best stick to cheese methods that don't even let him attack at all he's such BS.
By Anonymous
so how to make a boss hard

give him more or less infinite talismans.....let him cast spells in a second.....have him able to combo out of any missed attack or block....allow him to expel yokai mist....and give him an attack that you can't stagger him out of

screw this fight
By Anonymous
repel yokai mist....not expel, stupid phone keyboard
By Anonymous
Yeah just **** this guy way to tanky and way too fast
By Anonymous
How much ****ing HP this guy has, hit him hundred times and he barely drops below half hp.
By Anonymous
Buff yourself, bring on a cat and start the fight with a headshot. Use yokai water pots to deplete his ki faster.
By Anonymous
He can make use of the ki pulse, apparently.
Yokai water pots are just a waste of item slots against him.
No matter the difficulty in which you are playing, the 3 scrampuss strategy is still mandatory if you want a chance of beating him in Dream of the Wise and Nioh.
By Anonymous
This guy is a real piece of work. Let me spell you and slice you to death over and over. He has a counter for everything. It's ludicrous that he can just cast and cast and cast and slice and slice without any consequences.
By Anonymous
I might add the reward isn't even worth the effort and resources it will take for me to git gud. What a waste.
By Anonymous
He's really weak against the fat rolling cats.
Just spam them for keeping him at 0 ki.
Also, he has a low chance to drop an armor smithing text which is really good for omnyo builds, the reward is everything than worthless.