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You can remove the stolen status from any item by donating it to a vendor and then buying it back, or by killing the vendor of course.
By Anonymous
it's not stolen if the owner's dead

The fact that even Lucian's statue on the path of blood would accept this just confirms that once someone has died, their stuff is legally up for grabs.
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So yeah, you steal this and fail a speech check the ENTIRE city aggros you in DE. Game ending/ruining. Absolutely stupid design choice by Larian.
By Anonymous
what did you expect? did you never steal stuff before? Of course you make sure to let your speech character be the one accused and quicksave before doing anything irreversible. This isn't stupid design, this is you making stupid moves
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Dumb af lol
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hey, what if you, like, don't do a speech check, and instead, bribe them for 1k gold??
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for me, strongest 2 handed melee weapon in game is lohar's 2 hander upgraded with sourcerous sundries. trust me, it will make Falone look like a child's toy...
But this requires gift bags which disable achievements. I got tht hammer bugged up to level 18 and it was almost as strong as this. It has to be a beast at max level.
By Anonymous
I tested both, Lohars 2 hander and Falone maxed out (LV 20 and with Runes). They did nearly the same damage. Lohars hammer has a higher minimum damage, but Falone has a higher max damage and so it's in the battle for me. But Lohars hammer has nockdown, which is great i think but on the other hand Falone has the necromancer skill (If you wear the set of the devourer, you get the source skill, which Lohars hammer has, anyway).

But! a huge plus for Falone is, that it does 50% cleave damage. So that means, you slay in a cone and every enemy which is in this cone will get 50% damage of your attack (on your main aim). So if there are 2 enemys in front of you, you will do 150% damage. 100% on your aim and 50% to the other. So it's alot stronger than Lohars Hammer i think.

And on top it has 1 Point more in Warfare. So in my opinion Falone is better than Lohars hammer. Except you really really need the nockdown.

By Anonymous
Another option for best 2h - DON'T contact with Trader Fionola in The Arx until 20-21 (greedily even up to 22) character level.
Then buy from her "Voor d'lamas" with this i-lvl stats (the item-level is determined at the first conversation).
+5% crit chance, -1 two-hand, +2 cons, -2 int, same cleave, nockdown -vs- decay, +++ damage if purchased on 21+ characters level.
By Anonymous
Actually the best two-handed weapon is "Voor d'lamas", which is a direct upgrade to Lohar's Two-hander, sold by Trader Fionola at Arx City Square. She is located at 276, 283.

The mace itself at level 20 comes with the following stats:
- 25% critical chance
- 3 Strength
- 2 Constitution
- 2 Warfare
- 25% chance to knockdown
- 50% cleave damage
- Comes with free Challenge skill

Using this mace with the Devourer's set is insanely strong, even on Tactician difficulty in a 4-man party.