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By Anonymous
Got its health to about 25% left while it was perched next to the blue dragon and the ****er ran away. Dont be like me and waste 150 crossbow bolts and 20 minutes of your time. The other wiki confirms he cannot be killed that way.
By Anonymous
"The first time you encounter the Red Dragon is in the dragon's roost in 1-1, here it merely serves as an environmental hazard and it can not be killed. It will on the other hand leave its post, and fly towards the Lord's Path to do bombing runs there instead when its health gets down to about 10%."

By Anonymous
Thats not a Dragon...thats a Wyvern.
Dragons have 4 Legs and 2 Wings, while Wyverns only have 2 Legs and 2 Wings...
By Anonymous
Shut the **** up it's a videogame
By Anonymous
Who asked?
By Anonymous
Wrong, that's your mum.
By Anonymous
all wyverns are dragons, not all dragons are wyverns
By Anonymous
Is it possible to get its health down to 10% when its perched in 1-1 and then finish it off in 1-2 using the tactics mentioned above? Or does it have full health when you get there?
By Anonymous
I just tried it, it will have full health in 1-2 so don't bother with it in 1-1
By CopiousSage
possibly the most useless "boss" in the game alongside the blue 1 lmao
By Anonymous
Useless like your deads
By Anonymous
Watched an episodical playthrough and the dragons weren't there. (before phalanx was defeated) Streamer said cause "pure white world tendency" but how did he get that at that time? (he did nothing out of the ordinary in the episode before)
By Anonymous
He did one of two things: he was given a stone of ephemeral eyes and battled black phantoms until his world was white or he on was on ng+, where tendencies carry over.
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By Astronymous
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With the lava bow he goes down in 20 heavy arrows
By Benny2988
Soul ray works wonders, 1st tower on the bridge to tower knight, kill the enemies, look towards the way you came from, aim towards the dragon when he swoops by, right as he starts breathing fire shoot it about 15 soul rays
By Anonymous
poison cloud strat makes it trivial, you only need to cast it twice
By Anonymous
i shot arrows at this thing for 20 minutes expecting to get a drake sword type weapon, nope you get a boss soul that doesnt upgrade anything