By Anonymous
Which pool does Grace of Oyamatsumi fall under?
By Adderflail
Can't confirm since I haven't gotten there yet, but from what I've heard the depths mainly give you the grace you are using, with a random chance to give you Oyamatsumi or Shinitsuhikio.
By Anonymous
Can only be found in the depth of the underworld which you can access after completing all 108 floors in the underworld. Also its only obtainable starting on floor 6 and up so you will have to make it to there to start farming it.
By Anonymous
I think Oyam is found on all the odd floors of the Depths.
By Anonymous
that grace goes under Depth of the underworld which is above the normal 108 floors
By Anonymous
this page didn't explain a f*cking thing
By Anonymous
What were you hoping for? It lists the graces, what they do, and how to more easily aquire the..
By Anonymous
I dont understand "divide the floor number by 3 and look at the remainder?" what does that mean
By Anonymous
Remainder is the number "left over" after the division and occurs for all numbers that are not divisible by three, e.g.

6 : 3 = 2 (no left over / no remainder)
7 : 3 = 2, 1 left over (remainder of 1). could be written as 3 * 2 + 1 (remainder)
8 : 3 = 2, 2 left over (remainder of 2). could be written as 3 * 2 + 2 (remainder)
By Anonymous
The page does not explain the loot locations in the underworld if you want to know where the graces are and are confused about the math. Search it on google and should lead to a reddit page that explains
By Anonymous
Floor 1: 1/3 = ~0.3333
Floor 2: 2/3 = ~0.6666
Floor 3: 3/3 = 1.0
Floor 4: 4/3 = ~1.3333
Floor 5: 5/3 = ~1.6666
Floor 6: 6/3 = 2.0
By Anonymous
Somebody created math in their head and didn't realize they're not the only person in the world.