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By Baraz
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I was unable to edit this page. I SUGGEST :
- Add Mythic Paths link under the label Character
- Move slightly Builds after the core stats of the game, like in ... Feats * Talents * Builds.
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By Arhu
I find the character menu items confusing. I'd like to suggest streamlining this and use the correct terminology from https://www. d20pfsrd.com/

- Rename "Attributes" to "Ability Scores".
- Remove link to "Abilities" and its current page. They are redundant.
- Rename "Special Abilties" to "Class Features" and add the link.
- Add link to Backgrounds.
- Move the "Builds" link further towards the end as suggested by Baraz.
- Remove the "Domains" link, as it is class specific.

For reference, character creation steps in the game are ordered as follows (Beta):
1. Portrait
2. Class
3. Race
4. Heritage (based on race)
5. Background
6. Ability Scores
7. Skills
8. Feats
9. Order (based on class)
10. Animal Companion (based on class)
12. Deity (based on class)
13. Domain (based on class)
14. Alignment
15. Appearance
16. Voice
17. Name

It would probably make sense to order items in the main menu (the one at the very top) accordingly.
By Anonymous
It should be noted the "Races" link at the top of the page (not under "Character") leads nowhere because a comma got into the end of the link
By Anonymous
21 dagger quest is bugged. spent hour looking for last one, even going back to see if i sold it. After i had to fail the quest it showed up on the encounter right outside after.
By Anonymous
the last 1 is in the garden inside the grotto. walk on it and wait for perception to work
By Anonymous
For some reason, I'm not allowed to edit this page, but I would like to propose an edit to whoever is. Add links to mythic feats and mythic abilities after mythic paths in the character section please.