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By LordFurrett
Todo list for catagory:
- Images
- Abnormal Status Effects
- Other Status Effects
- Individual pages for effects
- Refining
By Anonymous
no bleed?
By Anonymous
Maybe you all can help. What does the pink wyvern footprint under a monster's icon in a hunt stand for?

It seems to happen at random, and I don't believe it to be my causing exhaustion via SwAx.
By Anonymous
It means a monster is being "taunted" toward you, if you use a Stinkmink, whatever monster is following you will have that footprint icon.

In short, it means it's following you.
By Anonymous
It can also appear if the wailnard hunting helper is used and a monster is close enough to hear it, I like to use it to start turf wars with it
By Anonymous
That would make sense as it only really happens when I bring Minoto or Jae along for shiggles.
By Anonymous
What about frenzy, that’s the whole reason I’m here
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
On the mhr final boss quest I keep getting quiro surrounding me. How do I stop this?