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By Fexelea
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Monster Hunter Rise Wiki is live! HYPE
By Anonymous
is dead*
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By rougeric87
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Monster Hunter Rise looks so promising so far, looking forward to it!
By LordFurrett
I feel like in the locations page Endemic life and small monsters should be separated due to endemic life role and difference.
By Lewisriver
The "Palicoes" link under the "Character" section should be changed to "Buddies" now that we have two different types of hunting companions.
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By Fexelea
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Wiki is now live with TONS of info ready for launch! Full Armor, Weapons, Decoration, Skills, Materials lists! Enjoy!
By Anonymous
hardly any info*
By Anonymous
trash job
By Anonymous
rise eu pensava que você era uma imitação do MHWI mais você e um jogo bom tomara que eu comsiga um nintemdo rapido
By Anonymous
wtf is that language
By jonahglen
Not really too skilled on the editing part of things, but to update the “Apex Beastclaw” page, which only shows the longsword and great sword, in fact every single weapon type (even the Palico) has a rampage weapon which uses the claw so someone else should update that as I’m just, too lazy. Muah.
By Anonymous
Why even promote the garbage events in this? They are awful. Stickers? F off.