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By MainHBGth
item bug lol
By Anonymous
probably the worst of the legendary cyberdecks since the netwatch netdriver mk5 does the exact same and more. increased time for enemy netrunners to hack you isnt very important to begin with and theres cyberware that makes it even less important, this cyberdeck should probably be changed to do something better so theres a reason to pick it. theres a cyberdeck that buffs combat quickhacks and another that buffs covert, make this one buff control quickhacks in some way and it would be more interesting to pick depending on your build. as it is in 1.5 i dont see why anyone would use it at the same street cred requirements as the others.
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By Agurzil
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The legendary Fuyutsuki deck does that already. That one has extra RAM recovery, extra spread and extra duration, making it ideal to constantly control groups of enemies.

This Raven deck seems to have been designed as a counter netrunner deck, but that enemy type was probably intended to be far deadlier than they are at the moment.
By Anonymous
For normal play, there's no reason to use this deck really. But if you play with mods that add more netrunners and quick hackers this deck suddenly becomes extremely useful. This deck + self ICE are huge in keeping you alive and getting in a little extra time to hunt down the guy casting cripple on you before the upload is complete.