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By Anonymous
epic version can be found in Cyberpyscho Sighting: Seaside Cafe on one of the corpses
By Anonymous
It's on the corpse under the dock, so you can get it without engaging the psycho at all.
By Anonymous
Still there in 1.6
By Anonymous
Dynalar Sandevistan MK 2
- slow time 50% for 12 sec
- Increases Crit Chance by 15%
(cooldown 30sec)

Location: Octavio's Clinic, Rancho Coronado (Santo Domingo)
Requirements: 9 reflexes, 15000 $
By Anonymous
Unless they fix the issue, which is probably not likely to happen, players need to remember to uninstall any Time Dilation cyberware when they want to install a Sandestivan operating system. Many Cyberware will cause your Sandy to exit before the duration timer expires. If this happens, you'll have to wait for the duration timer to expire AND the cooldown timer to expire before you can reactivate it.

Cyberware that will cause this:
Synaptic Accelerator (this is probably the worst because it activates as soon as your enemy sees you).
Reflex Tuner (Your HP needs to drop below 25% before this one will cancel your Sandy)
Kerenzikov (is blocked while Sandy is active, but if you activate Kerenzi first and then activate Sandy, you may need to wait while 2 cooldown timers expire. Not sure why that is.)