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By ThR3x
-If you somehow managed to obtain the game before the release date and try to play it through GOG Galaxy, Johnny Silverhand will say "Go back to sleep, Samurai! It's not December 10th yet"
This is wrong, you don't "someow" obtain the game, its if you pre ordered it and downloaded the game files and you tried to play it before release
By Anonymous
Furthermore, it's nothing more than a simple .exe that launches independently of the preloaded files. Still have that preload .exe on my desktop, and it still just launches a .jpeg of Johnny saying that.
By Anonymous
I read rulebooks, but couldn't find information about johnny's past life(like his childhood). Can anybody tell me the source of the info above? Thank you :> I'm just curious about it.
By Anonymous
Just a suggestion on the trivia, Johnny's finalized design seems loosely based on future Ted "Theodore" Logan from Bill & Ted: Bogus Journey