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Does getting Blistering Love mean you made the correct choices to get the secret ending? Because I finished this quest with slightly different dialogue choices and was given Blistering Love to complete.
It does not. If you pick the nicest options (like I did on my first playthrough) you'll still get Blistering Love but not enough % to unlock the ending. If I'm not mistaken, having 40% after the conversation puts you on the route for the secret ending.
Nope, you need to tell Johnny like it is and that he **** up. He says this right after saying that he **** up all his friendships with his true friends, so it's a hint.
Wait a day for Rogue to call.
This seems to be bugged for some people, she never calls and you can't progress the quest.
Maybe it's a bug but for me killing or not Grayson does not interfere with obtaining breathtaking achievement. And apparently getting the 911 porche doesn't interfere with the trophy either. As soon as I recovered the pistol from the Silverhand I won the Breathtaking trophy. This happened on version 1.06 of PS4.
You don't need the Porshe to unlock the Breathtaking trophy/achievement. Just finished this quest after getting all the other items and the achievement unlocked when I picked up the gun.
Why would you NOT want the porsche though? collect all the free cars.
On a ship there is a room with weapons, which can be unlocked wit a quickhack.
I also got the breathtaking achievement without the car. Soon as i picked up his gun it unlocked. I already had the other clothing items.