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By SlaveKnightKos
The Sticky Compound Long Bow +5 is the best bow in the game, and I have used it to one shot people in PvP (with super hyper mode)
I imagine those people thinking I was hacking because they were killed by an unseen assailant (Graverobber Ring)
By Anonymous
I love how you can tell FromSoft never anticipated Demon's Souls would lift off like it did and get remade 11 years later, lol. I'm glad Bluepoint kept its "vision" intact (or lack thereof).
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Yea I’ve gotten killed by people with grave robbers ring before and I got pissed because I thought they were using invis or some crap lmao
By Anonymous
I was sniped in 4-1 in human form, switching my world to pure black, me not understanding that whole tendency thing at the time. So thank you for summoning Black Phantom Satsuki for me, har har!
By Anonymous
Come posso farmarlo? Ho 200 fortuna, eppure non viene rilasciato dagli scheletri d'argento della prima zona.
By Anonymous
13 May 2022 12:38
yo no hablo espanol

By Anonymous
Actually, I think I understand a little. It can be dropped by the archer silver skellies, butnit is relatively rare. You’ll find it next to another one, on the fartop end of the map, past the vanguard, before the crows nest
By Anonymous
So many basic weapons, bows, and the wooden catalyst just end up superior to the fancy and supposedly powerful weapons. So much effort to get certain weapons, and you're better off sticking with the same basic **** you've been carrying all game.
By Anonymous
I sucked my own **** before
By Anonymous
Audi Audi Audi me malone
By Anonymous