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By Anonymous
Wish there were more Smart weapons and a larger variety...
By Anonymous
does the crit damage from high end smart link apply to non smart weapons?
By Anonymous
FYI: Legendary Smart Link does not give crit bonuses to non-Smart weapons.
By Anonymous
This is honestly probably pointless unless you need the slightly better grit damage. The accuracy boost probably doesn’t do anything. Smart weapons always hit if you have a clear shot and miss if blocked. So there probably isn’t an accuracy stat to even modify. So either use the free tiger claw one that Does all the same stuff and makes enemy smart weapons miss most of the time or pick this for just the extra crit damage. Still money wise sad that the legendary is not better considering it’s basically just a side-grade compared to the free one
By Anonymous
I feel like they should've made it so smart link mod that target limbs only, downs an enemy without killing them.

Give us another unique pacifier route basically.
By Anonymous
This is exactly what happens if you equip the Target Analysis mod on your eyes.

As for "downs without killing" that's sadly a limitation with ragdolls. Attacking a ragdoll, no matter the weapon or perks, will kill them. If you are going a no murder route, avoid hitting already downed bodies at all cost.