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By Anonymous
this aim shaking scer me so hard
By Anonymous
it's kinda fun for this weapon to be both tech and power weapon cuz it makes it really unique
By Anonymous
Ahhh so its unique in the fact that it fires bullets that can pierce obstructions and ricochet. Kinda like how a gun does.
By Anonymous
Great Weapon but the screen shake is utter bs Impossible to aim without modding the screen shake out.

On top of the Ugly Green Tint from sniper scopes.

CDPR could have done alot better here atleast had a Perk to remove the screen/scope shaking bs. Unusable without a modded game.
By Anonymous
Unusable by low skillcap players
By Anonymous
Is the shake on this any worse than normal nekomata, because the shake on that really isn't that bad
By Anonymous
Learn to use Tech Weapons. You get a small window in which to fire in with the Nekomata Sniper Rifles, Breakthrough is one. Aim, Charge, Fire. You have to adjust to tech weapon game play, it isn't for everyone. I default to the Overwatch because of the Silencer.
By Anonymous
Isn’t there a perk that removes that or greatly increases the duration
By Anonymous
Gun whisperer, removes the timer so you fire on releasing the button