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By Anonymous
Found crafting spec for Legendary HJKE-11 Yukimura during the organized crime quest "Chapel" (South The Glen)
By Anonymous
you can also buy it off a weapon seller near the sunset motel for around 1150 eddies
By gregie156
What does the DPS Variability mean? Isn't it always +/- 10%?
By Anonymous
They forgot my favourite pistol Tamayura, its the rarest (legendary) weapon in the game...got him with 6 modslots, high dps, poisoning and the perk "-50% draw and +20%dmg"
By Anonymous
The Tamayura Power Pistol is missing.
By Anonymous
Forgot skippy
By Anonymous
This is missing the Arasaka Tamayura Pistol.
By Anonymous
How did you get the legendary version?