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By Anonymous
Quest Giver - cops, Vista Del Rev, near Corpo Plaza.
Quest: save the Corpo(Nigel Hamilton) from cops or **** off.
Some Intelligence and Cool checks on the dialogue lines.
Intelligence asks for truth, Nigel tells us about cops asking about a hooker, and her Virtu, and, when he is unable to answer their questions, coppers beat him to the pulp.
Cool is mostly about eddies.
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the truth option is based off Reflexes, not Intelligence as per the icon shown.
By Anonymous
its reflexes,not intelligence, and apparently there's nothing to learn from him
By Anonymous
why are cops immune from being knocked out nonlethally
By Anonymous
If you do the streetkid path then the only options left for you are to let him go or get money if you pass a cool check at 13
By Anonymous
I told the cops I would handle him and when I shot him the cops attacked me because they didn't leave the scene xD