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By Anonymous
Does quick hacks count as cyberware, or software? Those this coll down reduction work on them?
By Anonymous
softwares are called quickhacks, so i doubt it
By Anonymous
only count for cyberware like Biomonitor, Second heart and so on that have a cooldown
By Anonymous
Is the ripper at badlands locked by a story quest?
By Anonymous
No, although the location displayed here is only half correct. The Badlands ripperdoc is located in the Aldecaldo camp but it moves after a certain quest.
By Anonymous
combine with the qianti mk 4 sandevistan, plus two/three heatsink mods and you get a 5/3 second cooldown, combine with the kerenzikoff and the nanorelays for plus 2 second duration and you can be permanently slowed down by switching back and forth between the two
By Anonymous
Why... would this need BODY for something that helps quickhacks?
By Anonymous
For Berserk and Sandevistan
By Anonymous
Does this effect quickhacks? I can't find anything that says so other than resuming quickhacks are included in cyberware cooldowns.
By Anonymous
Body is a solid skill choice to combine with int - A healthy body makes a sharper mind ;)

By Anonymous
I think this Cooldown only applies to cyberware cool downs in the circulatory system
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By ilskur
This cyberware now reduces cooldowns on both active and passive cyberware, and works for all cyberware types. (Circulatory, Integumentary, etc.) Tested in patch 1.52