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By Anonymous
Visual Cortex Support Uncommon (Increases Crit Damageby 16%)
Location: Ripperdoc in JapanTown
By Anonymous
where can i find the common one?
By Anonymous
Fingers sells it as long as you didn't kill or punch him
By Anonymous
epic version can be found at the west wind apartment (pacifica) ripperdoc
By Anonymous
Can I stack 3 of these in the 3 frontal cortex slots?
By Anonymous
No, they will just replace each other.
By Anonymous
legendary requires 18 int
By Anonymous
epic at the same location as legendary
By Anonymous
I have seen people run legendaries of this in their build without having 18 INT how do you do this?
By Anonymous
Can someone answer that question?
By Anonymous
Uncommon is +12% Crit Damage, not +16%.
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By lepudruk
Regarding patch 2.0: does this piece of cyberware affects quickhacks crit rate too? Description doesn't say it's weapon-only..