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By Anonymous
The feet glasses are cool....
By Anonymous
Always a good idea to watch where you're walking.
By Anonymous
The Heat Resistant Nanoweave Media Shirt maybe tied to the Beast In Me race, but I'm not positive.
By Anonymous
There's supposed to be a good looking techie jacket too, or at least I've seen people say there is by looking at the game files. Can anyone find it?
By akin4bacon
The WATERPROOF BADGE COMBAT BOOTS can be found in Rancho Coronado south of the weapon shop on a rooftop.
By Anonymous
The Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants do not require 12 Body to reach them. The enclosure they are in has an opening in the top, so either of the leg cyberware augments will allow you to jump and reach the item.
By Anonymous
The vendors in City Center, Heywood, and Santo Domingo are still broken/bugged and won't sell Specs if you try to reset their inventory by waiting a day.
By Anonymous
i got a legendary trilby from the tech 14 door in delemains HQ during his last mission
By Anonymous
Enhanced Cebra Excéntrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby and Braindance Blue Trilayer Long-Sleeve can be gained during the Epistrophy mission ( First time you visit the Delamain HQ ) As soon as you are instructed to follow the drone and exit the reception area turn right and break the 10 body door.
By Anonymous
During the Gig Serious side effects in Arroyo close to Milk & Brandon fast travel, in the box with the acid is a Boarder Guard Ballistic Vest that ( Maybe only at lvl 50? ) has a chance to spawn Legendary with 4 mod slots. In an apartment/hotel building 2nd floor entry through the balcony or from an hallway 16 body door