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So i managed to get inside smasher's vault before i got the pass code, and the chest that holds the blueprint was locked, couldn't open it in any way possible, and i couldn't get out of the room after, because the door wouldn't open from the inside the same way it opened from outside.
hack the door panel disable it
I tried it, i haked the soor pannel to get in, but when i tryed from the inside the option was not available. I was not in combat, it was not o ncooldown and i had enough ram to do it at least 10 times in a row.
To get out you need to look at the panel to the right of the door, there will be an "open" button that will open the door.
The thing is, there was no "open" buttom, for me, there was a keypad to put a password that i didn't had. That is why it got me stuck.
Walk up to the keypad and hit square on it to open
Already got it thanks, you can only loot it, and exit the vault after finishing the ain campaing once. If you enter before trough hacking the pannel you will get stuck inside, and will need to reload a prior save.


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I came here to say the "square on the pad" but clicked "downvote" accidentally and it won't take it back. Apologies. I'll figure it out.
Can confirm that you are only able to loot the blueprint after finishing the main story line once, the code will be lootable from its body.

Before that, the vault can be entered, but you will get stuck since the exit pannel does not gives the option to open the door and hacking will not work on the inside pannel eaither. And if you didn't finished the campaingh once the box with the blueprint will be locked and you will not be able to open it.
1.06 here, door was hackable to open (disable), which allowed me to enter and exit freely whether inside and out and the door open or closed. However the box was LOCKED before finishing the main story.
Thanks. I was able to hack the door, but was trying to figure out why the box said "locked". Guess need to do story really quick to finish it.
In order to get out press open on the right side of the door. I also got stuck for a while.