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By Anonymous
How do you even kill these things? I tried whacking them, and they whacked me even harder back.
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By GrimmkinWisp
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You don’t/can’t kill the Void Tendrils. But they calm down and are no longer hostile to the Knight when you acquire the Void Heart, I believe.
By Anonymous
If you're wondering how to get the journal entry, these enemies are unkillable like Garpedes. You get a journal entry by inspecting things like an enemy's dead corpse, also like the Garpedes. For the void tendrils, to the right of the lighthouse is a secret room in the ceiling that you can only access with the shade cloak. There's a strange structure that you can inspect and get the journal entry from. Just look up the exact location because I've wasted enough of your time anyway.
By Anonymous
How does the wiki have a Hunter’s journal entry on these?
By Anonymous
Edit: nevermind i found it.