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if you told him you're busy or missed the conversation while heading to jenkins he will fight you no matter what you answer.
Seems he fights you no matter what.
Yeah, spoke to him and exhausted all his dialogue at the introduction and he still fights me no matter what.
does anyone know were the location is. and is it possible to come back and get the pistol?
SE of the Kennedy North fast travel point in Kabuki
I beat him silly and then shot him.
I really wanted that weapon. If you're crafter its you to-go Legendary Tech Pistol!!!!
I think I didn't get any dialoge, there just was a hostile guy shooting at me directly after picking up the empty briefcase. So I shot him, thinking "talk to the stranger" would refer to someone else.
I couldn't get the second line of dialog. Either way ended with him being hostile, with him saying I have nothing to lose or screw you and this rotten city