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By Anonymous
Has anyone been able to find a legendary version of this somewhere besides Charles Buck's clinic?
By Anonymous
nope i did the same
By Anonymous
i am trying to find other docs that have the feedback circuit as well, since in the mission i let him ran away.
By Anonymous
bugged, doesnt actually restore health on hit.
By Anonymous
Thanks was searching for exactly this post
By Anonymous
Hell, took me an hour until here, so it is bugged even at ver. 1.1, sad, can understand why so many people so mad.
By Anonymous
So it isn't bugged, just that only with up to 11 perk you can really charge to 100%, so up to 11 is not exactly "11", it's full charge
By Anonymous
have heard that this works with gorilla arms after you do charged/strong attack, and then it works on each punch. (supposedly really good for beat on the brat boxing quests). Will test
By atletikus
Like Tech weapons needed to be done even more OP. C'mon CDPR!
By Anonymous
Lol. Was searching for the needed ripper for half an hour, and then I remembered that I killed him.
By Anonymous
Does it work with patch 1.51?