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there's a secret optional objective to this quest and it's not listed anywhere. The objective is to confront Liam in the V.I.P. lounge about what he's doing. After abit of back and forth he explains why he's doing this and such. You will then be given a option to accept his offer of around 1k cred and will send you a text saying he'll talk with her, just not yet. lizzie will then send you a message afterword saying "unf'ing believable what an A" and send you tour fee.
I tried this but the doors to the lounge wouldn't open. A glitch perhaps?
To the anon above me, you must do confront him before peeking through the camera.
You -can- do it after peeking through the camera, but before calling Lizzy.


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Context: in the Dispose of the body part of the mission, Lizzyhas killed Liam upon finding out he betrayed her. She seems insensitive to what she just did.
This is such a stupid quest. Not only is the gameplay during it incredibly boring, none of the choices you make actually matter. You either get Liam killed or you don't. The **** is the point of antagonizing the bouncer at the door when he just lets you in immediately after skipping a WHOLE line of people outside? Why can't you at least get into a **** fist fight with him? Why can't you just shoot up the club and fight your way to Liam? The **** is the point of the dialogue options when confronting Liam when two out of three of them lead to the same outcome and one of them just gives you the option of a piddly money payout? **** the discretion. Why can't you at least call Lizzie when you confront Liam and make him talk to her right now about this? The **** is the point of telling Lizzie that Liam basically wants to clone her if all is leads to is the option to dump his body or not? The **** should I care about Lizzie and what she does period when the game tells me little to nothing about her outside of text on some shards? Obvious little details like these that a game like this SHOULD have but doesn't is the reason why people are so disappointed with this game.
Calm down, autist.
"at least get into a ****ing fist fight with him? Why can't you just shoot up the club "
LOL becouse it wouldnt make any sense, youre mentally retarted or something?!?

the job is to spy on her manager, maybe catch him betraying her in some way and reporting it back with proof of it.

how would fistfights and shooting security/random people help with that?? forcing a confession that way wouldnt be worth **** xD
You play as v in this game, he's a mercenary who takes jobs from clients. If a mercenary doesn't do things the way a client wants to or turns on them, he is a bad mercenary who won't last long. Just thought you should know that, it's an important part of the game.
Because this is a **** show of a game and anyone who says otherwise is a scrub or a cdpr fanboy. “Open world” my fkn ***. 80% of this “open world” is in assessable. The bugs aren’t even a huge issue, the game itself is poor
I'm with you 100%. It's weird how much not only your valid criticism has but also you yourself have gotten on a fandom site no less. The only thing I disagree with you on is shooting up the club. Godspeed.
After a couple of playthroughs, I noticed not telling her "it's worse.." resulted in not receiving the Lizzy Wizzy movie poster in V's apartment. Guess no murder, no inspiration.
At least you don't have to help her dispose of the body to receive the poster in your apartment. The second mission will fail, but the poster will show up on your wall.
Now if she did not have the advantage of being in a magical no-fire bubble this whole thing would end up in different headlines. Stardom has its perks.
No offense but I don't see why anyone would want a poster of a creepy woman in their apartment. Just look at her holo avatar, a mouth savouring blood! Tell the truth and V is practically aiding a psycho who ends up scrolling a BD of herself killing her husband.
"and you'll even receive a high amount of cash reward upon completing this job."
Yep got 2k
if you go the call her and tell the truth route, the quest will disappear. don't worry. my wait thing also bugged out and i couldnt use it, so i went home and slept. when i woke up i received a text from her. then after a few days she called me, asking to come over. when you get rid of the body the quest will officially end. she will text you and pay sometime later - 2k...
meh i wish i could shot her in the face in that quest... basically she went psycho and murdered a dude with no repercussions and then expects u take care of the body.. i dont like how the quest stops if u refuse that
The 2 bouncers in the VIP room drop Legendary gorilla arms mods. Black market battery and fists that cause bleeding.
seems this has been nerfed
Surprised there’s no mention of you being able to confront Liam. Hope this gets updated.
Haha I can't believe he thinks 800 credits is a big payoff, that's peanuts
As of version 1.21, confronting Liam gives a huge amount of eddies: I got $24K and have no idea if it's a bug. I don't think it coincided with some other eddie deposit either That is an insane amount. First time I did the quest was about 1.06 but I never confronted Liam.