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By Anonymous
So these missions are in line with Sandra Dorset’s mission, correct?


Her databank you retrieve and can hack goes over Night Corp creating and testing an AI that changes peoples behaviors. At the end it says they are now moving on to the actual target with the conclusion of testing.
By Anonymous
Soooo... I know it's probably a seriously moot point at this stage. More likely due to a small hiccup in the coding so to speak BUT; I managed to snag both of the guards alive via non-lethal takedown after brutally gifting every maelstrommer a sticky frag grenade. The guards heads did NOT explode, as they did on my previous run, which is presume is the normal course of action... for obvious reasons. So, I then called Delamain as I had finished his quest at that point, long before, dumped the body of one in the trunk, put the other on top of the Delamain, and made a very slow but deliberate attempt deliver the bodies of both guards alive. Physics prevented me from keeping the guy on the roof alive(der). However, I managed to drop the body of the remaining guard - still alive - on the floor, in front of Eliz, and then Jeff.

No reaction, what so ever, dialogue OR NPC wise. I expected as much, but... damn I felt like I was robbed of a "HEY! THAT'S A GUY!" moment.

Unfortunate really. Ah well, I didn't really expect the option to be available with the type of quest this is. Just hope beyond hope... beyond the Black Wall...
By Anonymous
wrong quest buddy
By Anonymous
If you fix the TV in the apartment, you'll get a unknown caller right before speaking to Jefferson.
By Anonymous
Oh wow that's why that happened? I thought it was scripted. Good to know
By Anonymous
I got that same call without having fixed the TV