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But Elizabeth asks V to lie and to NOT tell her husband. Not the other way around :-P you should correct that :)



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While I am not the original author of this section I appear to have editing rights on this site so I made some changes regarding the whole "lie to Jefferson bit". Now it should reflect better what Elizabeth wanted you to do. ;)
Made a post in a wrong article like an idiot.
But found Mr. Blue Eyes, spying on you and Jeff in the Park. You can't shoot or interact with Mr Blue eyes, or for that matter reach him in any way it seems.
If you look into the computers you find along the way, it mentions BLUE, ORANGE and such.
I managed to get close to him by using the double jump legs, but nothing happend, you can hust take a closer look at him.
what's funny is that if you actually look at his model it's obviously the Illusive Man from Mass Effect
You cant shoot him, but if you throw a nade at him, he'll disappear. So it is hallucination or another bug XD
Mr. Blue = Morgan Blackhand
You can acually repair the TV monitor on the other side of the monitoring room if you have 16 Technical Ability, but I can't recommend it cause V and Johnny gets a dose of the Peralezes medicine, if you catch my drift.
If you do that after finding the Room, it got me stuck.
You can also try to call Jefferson directly after hacking the van, but he simply redirects you to Elizabeth.
Also (I'm assuming this is triggered by fixing the screen in the apartment and getting a dose of neural reprogramming) you will get an anonymous call before the final meeting telling you to mind your own business.
Connecting this to Sandra Dorsett questline and Operation Carpe Noctem datashard, it seems obvious the Night Corp is the baddie here.
I don't think it's night Corp. A solid theory but the shard of Sandra says they crested AI to hack trough personal security of employees implants, not neural path reconditioning. My guess its AI from black wall.
anyone knows the name of the music playing during the conversation with Elizabeth ?
Clair de lune
18. Mining Minds
Darude - Sandstorm
Clair de lune
The concealed apartment part is a non-essential option, doesn’t progress the dialogue, the essential one is “They’re conditioning you, remotely”, if you wanna tell Jefferson the truth.
Interesting part of this mission I just discovered. If you get to the Maelstrom hideout in time you can you can actually see two veteran guards exit the van then climb up the building towards the roof on the right where a cloaked transport craft is waiting to pick them up and evac them.
One of these guards carries an encrypted note that is suspending all operation of "Project Condin" with team black being the last to withdraw. Unfortunately it doesn't give any more information as to who is behind this.
I just found out who it is. After you get the call right before talking to Jefferson, if you use your scanner, there is a man standing directly opposite from where you talk to Jefferson and the scanner reveals it’s me blue eyes watching whatever you choose to tell him
There is a similar 'unknown device' on top of the mental hospital from Cuckoo's Nest gig.
I always wondered wtf this was. Assumed it'd come into play later, but hasn't thus far.