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if anyone finds the one with crit chance please tell me or maybe the console code cuz i killed 2 ripper docs
ripper on the lower right side of watson, around where the fixer is for watson, stocks it, as far as i'm aware he's the only one.
Bad, V!
Just, why? You deserve a fcked up game.
For those wondering, this one is fitted in the third slot on legendary cyberarms.
so, the THIRD slot huh... no wonder can't equip it on the 2nd. Thanks!
Sensory Amplifier has no effect on my Legenday Projectile Launch System...
found a workaround for this yet?
The crit chance one doesn't seem to work either. Need to test more options I guess, but preliminary hypothesis is that none of the universal (tier 3) mods work.
"Rare crafting spec can be bought from Kraviz's Clinic at Charter Hill, Westbrook"

I found rare crafting specs at the shop in Heywoord. (Playing the game on XBox One.) This variant was for the +5% armor. But I could not find the crafting spec at Kraviz's Clinic. So it may be something that is dependent on other factors. (My character is level 28 and max street cred.)
Sadly the Ripperdoc inventories are also buggy when it comes to crafting specs. It appears to be the same bug as with clothing vendor spec sales. Namely: if it doesn't randomly get chosen the first time you speak with them, it won't be available in that playthrough.

And I will verify for a page update that the Heywood Ripperdoc sells (or can sell) the 5% armor spec for the Sensory Amplifier.
Buy the schematic for $13k? Or just buy the mod itself for $3? Hmm...
3K where? I've never seen it... Not even as a mod at any price.
PC version :
I didn't find the 15% health where it is indicated (japantown).
I then bought the 10% crit chance one. When I did, two appeared in my inventory : the 10% crit AND the 15% health. When I installed the 15% health on my blades, both disappeared from my inventory. On my cyberarm, it is now written "+10% crit chance" AND "+15% health". BUT my character has no more health than before.

This game is **** up, there is no point to theorycraft on it. My advice is to just enjoy the story...
EDIT : ok, my bad, the +15% health works properly but I have to wield the blades, it's not up all time. It makes some sens
Before anyone wastes their time: the 10% crit chance is not at the ripper in arroro