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This can also be obtained from a chest in some run down apartments in Vista Del Ray. Head to the "Republic and Vine" fast travel station and enter the run down building just south of it. Make your way through the dark rooms that have no light that are on, but there are some flares for you to follow. There is a hole in one of the walls you can crouch through. Keep going, there will be flood lights you can turn on to help you get around. Eventually you will fine an Access point in the form of a Microwave, there will be a chest under it that may have this in it.
This is where I found it, too. I went in the building to get a tarot card and found it while doing some exploring.
Can confirm, I found it while exploring after the tarot card as well.
Now I have two of them, One from Arasaka Estate, one from Dark room. And it allows to equip both. But does anyone know if it doubles the effect or not?
Also available in "Gig: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy", looted from corpse of Nadezhda Tiurina. Note: she must detect you, otherwise it won't drop.
What is it a mod for? I found one but it doesn't appear in any slots for gear I have.